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How to Mow Diamonds in Your Lawn

By Contributing Writer

Mowing your yard in a pattern can enhance curb appeal and upgrade your lawn to beautiful. The most common path is to either mow straight lines or mow around the perimeter finishing in the center of the yard. But with a little extra time, you can create diamond patterns in your grass that stand out for several days before you mow again.

Mowing diamonds in the grass

Whether you use a push mower or riding mower doesn't matter, nor does the size or shape of your yard. If your yard is littered with lawn ornaments, helter skelter flower beds and other bric-a-brac, you may have a more difficult time. Start by mowing around the perimeter of your yard, making sure to not blow any grass clippings into the flower bed. Unless you have a mulching blade attached or a bagger, mow clockwise with the grass chute pointing away from your house and the daisies. Make two paths.

Starting in the corner where you ended your last rotation around the perimeter, mow either vertically or horizontally in straight lines. Straight lines are essential for the pattern to look right. If you mow squiggly lines or they curve slightly, the diamond shape will not form well.

Once you've mowed the yard completely once, raise the deck of the mower one setting. Starting in a corner, mow diagonally back and forth, moving across the yard. This will mulch and spread out the grass clippings from the first pass. Again, straight lines are essential.



  • I don't recommend using a mulching blade or bagger for this mowing pattern. Mowing the grass a second time mulches the grass and spreads it around the yard evenly so it isn't noticeable. But, if you prefer to use the bagger, don't raise the deck for the second pass.