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How to Fix a Loose Brick in a Step

How to Fix a Loose Brick in a Step. If you have a brick exterior, you may find that repairs are necessary from time to time. A loose brick in a step is an important repair. For safety reasons, you should make the repair as soon as you discover the problem. It's fairly easy to fix a loose brick when you have the right tools. Here are a few steps to help you have a safe walking surface.

Remove the loose brick by prying it out with a pry bar or pulling it out with your hands.

Make sure the area is clean and still intact. Check to make sure the surface you are adhering the mortar to is clean and solid. Often, there may be water damage beneath the surface of the brick.

Take a hammer and chisel and see if the underlying mortar or concrete that comprises the base is flaking. If so, you may need to consider tearing out the steps and starting over with a new base. Proceed to Step 4 if the surface underneath looks okay

Mix the mortar in a bucket or on a mortar board. Make sure you follow the directions on the bag.

Use a trowel to apply a thin layer of mortar (about ¾") on the application surface. Set the brick in place.

Check to make sure the repaired brick is level. If you need to, you can tap down the brick with the end of your trowel.

Take a grout bag and fill in voids with leftover mortar, packing in the mortar for a tight fit.


Let the repair sit for at least 36 hours before you walk on it. If rain is expected, cover the area with plastic or a tarp.

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