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How to Remove a Carburetor From a Lawn Mower

How to Remove a Carburetor From a Lawn Mower. A lawn mower carburetor can become dirty, so you will then need to clean it out. Dirt, water or bad fuel can cause problems in a carburetor, so all you need to do is remove it and perform the required maintenance. This is a minor repair and you only need a few tools to remove the carburetor from your lawnmower.

Shut off the fuel line. Some lawnmowers will have a fuel shut off that you just need to turn.

Look for the nut that holds the air filter on. It will probably be on the underside, but could be located elsewhere. Remove this nut with a ratchet and socket of the correct size and take off the next piece.

Remove the air filter and the gas line. You may need a pair of pliers to get the gas line off. It the gas line is cracked or the air filter is dirty, these will need to be replaced.

Take off the screws holding the next piece on, using your screwdriver. Disconnect the linkage and any springs. Pay very careful attention to how everything fits together so that you will be able to put everything back together properly. If you are unsure about this, take a picture or make a simple drawing to remind you where things were located.

Pull the primer line from the primer bulb. There may be a stop switch wire or a speed control. If your lawnmower has these, you will need to disconnect them as well. Again, remember where everything was located. You can now remove the rest of your carburetor.

Clean The Carburetor On A 6.5 Toro Lawn Mower

Remove the spark plug from the spark wire and set it aside. The types of bolts will vary depending on the model. Mark each linkage with a piece of tape and a number so you can remember where to reattach them later. Pull the carburetor from the mower. Place a wrench on the bolt on top of the carburetor and remove the bolt. Pull up the cup that the bolt was holding, and then pull the pin that latches the pieces together. Spray carburetor cleaner down the hole you exposed. Clean the external parts of the carburetor with a dry rag and the carburetor cleaner to remove grime and fuel. Replace the muffler and gas tank. Remove the oil dipstick, place the cover back on the mower and then replace the oil dipstick. Screw the cover back on the Toro.

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