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How to Use Aspirin to Grow Tomatoes

How to Use Aspirin to Grow Tomatoes. Gardeners who have been tending a vegetable garden for many years, usually have a number or tricks that they use. One such trick is to use aspirin when growing tomatoes in your garden. The main benefit of aspirin in planting involves aspirin's ability to fend off potential plant diseases.

Purchase regular strength aspirin. The brand does not matter; purchase the cheapest brand that is available.

Mix together one aspirin with one gallon of water. Combine the ingredients well, so that the aspirin is distributed evenly throughout the liquid.

Add a dash of mild liquid soap to the mixture. This is used as a way to help the aspirin water stick better to the tomato plants. Once the soap is added, attach a spray nozzle to the gallon jug and it is ready to use.

Spray the tomatoes when you first set them in the ground. This is going to help germinate the plants and stimulate the growing process. There is no need to soak the area. A light and gentle spray will suffice.

Continue to spray the aspirin mixture on the tomato plants every 2 to 3 weeks. You are going to notice that the plants stay healthier and attract fewer insects.


The salicylic acid found in aspirin is the ingredient that helps the tomato plants ward off different diseases. You can also use aspirin as first aid for tomato plants that have already sustained damage. If you notice brown and wilting leaves, place the solution on the infected plants.

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