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How to Grow Allspice

By Home & Garden Editor

How to Grow Allspice. The scientific name of the tree that produces the allspice herb is Pimenta Dioica and is also known as Jamaica Pepper. The allspice tree produces small purple berries that contain small seeds that are the allspice herb. The bark and leaves of this tree also emit the fragrance of allspice. The allspice tree is favorable to container planting and indoor spaces. Read on to learn how to grow allspice.

Plant your allspice tree. The allspice tree grows naturally in or near tropical climates. It only withstands small periods of light frost and temperatures below 26 degrees. Because of this, in many climates, the allspice tree must be kept indoors during the winter months.

Place the tree where it receives sunlight for at least 40 percent of the day. Mature allspice trees make do with less light and still prosper. Younger allspice trees need more light to remain healthy.

Use loose and well-moistened fertilizer for the tree. Tropical plant fertilizer is the best choice for fertilizing the allspice tree. Use plant food that is mixed 30-10-10 every three to five weeks.

Keep the tree well watered. As the soil surface begins to dry, add more water.

Prune the allspice tree in the spring to summer months. An allspice tree grown outside in ideal conditions reaches around 40 feet tall. Prune an indoor allspice tree annually to keep from outgrowing its space.

Cultivate new allspice trees from the seeds inside of the fruit. Cuttings of this type of tree are rarely successful for cultivation of new trees.