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How to Grow a New Plant From a Leaf

How to Grow a New Plant From a Leaf. With some plants, you can grow a new plant with just the leaf. You can multiply your plants with this method, one form of propagation. Kids can do this as a science experiment for school or just observe what happens when planting a leaf from an existing plant.

Find a jade plant, African violet plant or a rex begonia. Pick a nice, healthy looking leaf off the plant with the stem still attached.

Fill a pot loosely with potting soil. Do not pack the soil.

Place the leaf in the pot, stem side down. Cover about half of the stem with the potting soil.

Cover the plant with a plastic bag to hold in the moisture. Put it over the whole plant and the pot. Humidity is important and necessary when growing a plant from a leaf.

Keep the pot at room temperature during this process. Put the pot in a bright place where it can get plenty of indirect sunlight.

Put some liquid plant food into the pot. Water the leaf with liquid plant food about every fourteen days or so.

Check your leaf in about a month to find that it has grown roots into the soil. Check your leaf in another two weeks to see that a new plant has appeared. In about eight months you should have an adult plant in your pot and will probably have to repot the plant into a bigger pot.

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