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How to Use Anise

By Home & Garden Editor

How to Use Anise. Anise is an herb that has been used by humans for five centuries. The plant, which smells similar to liquorice, has medicinal, culinary, aromatic uses as well as some unique uses. If you grow anise you'll want to learn how to get the most out of your herb.

Stir a teaspoon of crushed anise seeds in a cup of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes. Consume the tea after a large meal. Not only does the tea relax you, anise aids digestion, prevents indigestion and contains an anti-flatulence agent.

Use the essential oil of anise as an expectorant. The oil acts as a decongestant by positively affecting secretory cells in the respiratory tract. Anise is also commonly found in cough syrups and cough drops for its antimicrobial properties.

Add anise seeds in sweet foods such as pastries, cakes and cookies. The mild liquorice flavor enhance the sweetness. In cooking, combine anise with cinnamon. Their flavors compliment each other.

Give anise seeds and stems to dogs. Dogs like like the scent of anise like cats like the scent of cat nip.

Put a little anise on the end of a fishing lure. The sweet, strong smell attracts fish. You can also use anise in mouse traps to attract mice. However, be careful about the placement of mousetraps if you have dogs.

Combine anise with coriander, fennel seed and sugared vodka. The result is a sweet liqueur called anisette.



  • Anise is available in stores ground, but look for whole seeds or grow your own for better flavor.