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How to Make Grass Skirts for a Luau

How to Make Grass Skirts for a Luau. Make your luau complete with grass skirts. If you're on a budget, follow these steps to make grass skirts for your guests using household garbage bags.

Choose large, sturdy trashbags with drawstrings. Choose green or beige or buy a variety of colors if you can find them.

Lay a garbage bag flat on a table.

Cut the bottom with scissors.

  • How to Make Grass Skirts for a Luau.

Cut strips about 1/2-inch apart, starting at (what was) the sealed end and stopping about 10 to 12 inches from the open end.

Trim the ends of the skirt to the desired length. Knee-length is traditional.

Tighten the drawstring and roll the waistband of the skirt once or twice to strengthen it.


The skirts will be vulnerable to tears. Pass out the skirts right before the appropriate activity and tell guests to be careful.

For shorter guests, roll the waistband up. This will also make the skirt stronger.

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