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How to Starch a Crocheted Snowflake

How to Starch a Crocheted Snowflake. Nothing looks quite as wintry and delicate against the needles of a Christmas tree as a crocheted snowflake ornament. Glue or starch stiffens these miniature doilies.

Crochet the snowflake ornament following a pattern from a craft book or magazine.

Prepare a solution of laundry starch and water according to the manufacturer's directions or mix half fabric glue and half water. If desired, add glitter or sugar for sparkle.

Saturate the clean snowflake in the solution.

Use rustproof pins to pin the snowflake into shape on a towel or waxed paper.

Let the snowflake dry completely before touching or moving it.


If you are making several snowflakes, stiffen the whole batch at one time.

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