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Tomato Varieties for Texas

By Aileen Clarkson ; Updated September 21, 2017
The tomato is king in Texas gardens.
tomato image by Joanna Redesiuk from Fotolia.com

Tomatoes are the top vegetable crop in Texas, according to Texas A&M University Extension. The lush, juicy fruits are easy to grow in the right conditions. Texas summers are hot and humid, though the state also can suffer from extended periods of drought. When growing tomatoes, choose varieties recommended by the state agricultural cooperative extensions. They will guide you to plants that are both hardy and productive when grown in the Lone Star State.


Saladette is an excellent small-fruited Roma variety for Texas. Its blocky, plum-shaped fruits slice well for salads. The tomatoes are 3 inches long and sweet, making them a good choice for sauces. The hybrid plant is determinate and disease-resistant, and it tolerates heat and humidity. You can harvest your Saladette tomatoes in 68 days.


Carnival is a determinate and disease-resistant hybrid that produces 8-oz. red fruits. According to Reimer Seeds, its compact vines are shorter and produce more quickly than its sister (and also quite popular in Texas) tomato, Celebrity. Carnival tomatoes can be harvested in 68 days and are good for salads and sandwiches.

Small Fry

For cherry tomatoes, Texas gardeners should consider the Small Fry. This bite-sized tomato harvests in 65 days. The hybrid, compact determinate produces clusters of 1-inch sweet fruits with a bright-red color in 72 days. Small Fry grows well in the garden, in containers or in hanging baskets.

Arkansas Traveler

Arkansas Traveler is a 100-year-old heirloom that is a Southern favorite. This vigorous, indeterminate plant can grow to 6 feet tall, and it produces 8-oz., rose-pink fruits in 85 days. According to TomatoFest, the Arkansas Traveler is not only one of the best-tasting varieties, it's also loved for its ability to produce great tomatoes despite high heat, drought or humidity. It is disease- and crack-resistant.

Heatwave II

The hot Texas summers won't hurt production of the Heatwave II, according to Reimer Seeds. This hybrid determinate tomato produces 7-oz. red fruits in temperatures up to 100 degrees F. It is disease-resistant and produces a bountiful harvest in 68 days.


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