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Groundbreakers Landscaping Tools

By Tracy Morris ; Updated September 21, 2017

Groundbreakers is a brand of landscaping tool manufactured by the V&B Division of Vaughan and Bushnell manufacturing company. The company is notable for producing high-quality garden and landscaping tools with hickory wood handles that are used by landscaping professionals. The tools are offered commercially through garden centers and hardware stores.

Small Hand Tools

Groundbreaker’s small hand tools are a line of four economically priced tools for weeding and cultivating the garden as well as planting new seeds and transplants. The tools include a trowel, transplanter, three-tined cultivator and a weeder. Each tool has a chrome-plated head that attaches to a hickory handle.

6 'N 1 Tool Kit and Handy Tools Series

The 6 'N 1 Tool Kit packages the heads for three of Groundbreaker’s most popular tools along with two hickory handles of varying lengths. The tool heads are made from ductile iron to withstand the rigors of gardening. The kit contains each head that corresponds with Groundbreaker’s Handy Series of tools. They include a mattock pick, mattock axe and mattock tiller. The tools in the Handy Series each has a 2-lb. ductile iron head.


The EdgeAll is Groundbreaker’s answer to the traditional garden spade. The tool is composed of a flat, 8-inch striking blade suitable for digging and installing edging or sprinkler systems, as well as a square-shaped blade for smoothing the edges of a shovel-dug trench. The 53-inch handle and striking blade weigh 12 lbs. and are made of solid steel for more force behind your digging projects.

Big Tools

Groundbreaker’s Big Tool line is a line of picks and blades designed to make breaking up the soil and cutting roots easier. The tools are made with ductile iron heads that range in weight from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 lbs. Each head is mounted onto a hickory handle specially shaped to make the tool easy to use. The curved handled of the planter allows you to take advantage of two striking angles for shallow trenching or deep digging. The planter axe has a 36-inch handle that makes cutting roots easier, while the curved handle on the trencher helps prevent excessive bending. The tools in this line include a planter, planter-axe, trencher, trencher-cultivator, pick and chisel-pick.

Mini Series

Mini Series tools are manufactured for light landscaping projects such as preparing small flower beds. The tools have short, 16-inch handles designed for single-handed use. Each tool can be operated with a hammer motion. The tools are perfect for confined areas or for people who cannot swing a larger-sized tool. The tools include a mini planter, mini pick and mini tiller.


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