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How to Disassemble a Reel Mower

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Reel mowers are an economical and eco-friendly way to mow your lawn. As with any other piece of equipment, a reel mower requires periodic maintenance. The best way to sharpen blades, oil components and make small repairs is to disassemble the reel mower. Unlike gas-powered mowers, however, the blades of the reel mower do not come off the main body of the mower. The dis-assembly process involves the drive and rear wheels, height adjusters, drive wheel plate and the handle. Disassembling the body of the reel mower is not necessary.

Drive Wheel and Drive Assembly

Place the reel mower on a flat surface. Remove the plastic hub caps off each drive wheel. There is a notch on each hub cap that accepts the blade of a small flat-head screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver blade into the notch to pry the hub caps off the wheel. Insert the screwdriver between the clip flange and the wheel axle. The clip secures the wheel to the axle. Pry the clip out of the axle with the screwdriver, and pull both wheels off the axle.

Twist the pinion gear on the wheel assembly plate counterclockwise with your hand to remove the gear. The pinion hear is the large gear on the right side of the wheel assembly plate.

Hold the axle pin with one hand and remove the axle pin securing nut on the rear of the wheel assembly plate with a wrench. Pull the axle pin away from the assembly plate. The assembly plates on most reel mowers use pop rivets to secure the plate to the body. Dis-assembly is not necessary and could cause damage to the reel mower.

Rear Wheels and Height Adjusters

Remove the bolts securing the rear wheels to the reel mower with a wrench. Pull the wheels off the axle.

Hold the bolt head on the back of the adjuster plate with a wrench. Turn the adjuster plate securing nut counterclockwise with a socket wrench.

Push the adjuster bolt through the reel mower frame and pull the adjuster away from the mower.

Reel Mower Handle

Find the pin that the handle secures to the body of the reel mower. Look for the small clip securing the handle to the pin.

Insert the flat-head screwdriver between the flange of the clip and the pin. Pry the clip away from the pin with the screwdriver.

Push the lower ends of the handle towards each other to disengage the handle from the pins. Remove the handle from the reel mower.

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