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Flowers That Look Like Hydrangeas

hydrangeas image by Ruslana Stovner from

Hydrangeas arborescens blooms are a grouping of many small flowers arranged in circles on a single stem. The groups of flowers are ball shaped. The grouping may be as much as 6 inches across. Mop head hydrangeas blooms are flatter than hydrangeas arborescens and resemble a lace doily. Hydrangea paniculata has the flowers arranged in clusters that are cone-shaped. Colors include white, pink, blue and purple. Some hydrangeas change color as they bloom, starting off in one color and finishing blooming in another.


A member of the onion family, alliums have many small blooms arranged in a ball on a single stem. The leaves are long and sword-shaped with a tendency to arch over. The balls range from the size of golf balls to 10 inches across. Colors include white and blues. The flowers have a faint onion scent.


Clusters of pink roses at the end of a branch look like hydrangeas. Old roses bloom so closely together at the end of each branch it's difficult to see the leaves of the plant. Most old roses are highly scented. Some varieties only bloom once a year, but when they do, the bush is covered with stems of roses bearing up to 15 flowers each.

Queen Anne's Lace

Considered a wildflower in some parts of the country, cultivated in other parts and considered a weed to some, Queen Anne's lace is comprised of hundreds of tiny white flowers arranged in a circle carried on a single stem. The plant grows to 4 feet high with feathery leaves.

Rocket Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a tropical plant that can't take cold temperatures. It has sharp thorns. The flowers are tiny and white surrounded by colorful bracts or leaves that turn color. It's called rocket because the flowers and bracts bloom in a cone shape that resembles a rocket. It comes in many bright colors, pink and white.


Lilacs bloom in pendulous groups of blossoms in pink, purple and white that hang down. The groups of flowers look somewhat like hydrangea paniculata. It blooms once a year in the spring and is heavily scented.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush grows to 6 feet tall with small blossoms arranged in a cone shape at the end of the branches. It's called butterfly bush because the flowers attract butterflies. Colors include yellow, white and pink. Some varieties have more than one color of flower.

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