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Do You Need a Fence Around a Pool?

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Swimming pools are found in the backyards of many homes around the country, and they exist in various designs and are surrounded by many types of landscaping. It is not uncommon to find pools surrounded by a fence, but many do not have this added element. You certainly do not have to place a fence around your pool unless your local codes require it, but a fence can provide extra safety, security and privacy. Whether you need a fence around your pool depends on your specific situation.

Safety For Children

Build a fence around your pool if you have children of your own or in your neighborhood. Swimming provides fun and exercise for families with pools and their neighbors and friends, but when children are present a pool can also be considered hazardous.

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children under 14 years of ago, according to In 2003, 782 children aged 14 and under died by drowning and 40 percent of those deaths happened in a swimming pool.

According to, 50 to 90 percent of residential pool drowning incidents could be prevented by putting up four-sided isolation fencing to restrict access to the pool area by children. This safety precaution combined with attentive supervision of children can make this risk minimal.


Install a fence to keep animals out of the pool. Just like children, it may be impossible to keep a constant eye on your pets or other animals in your area.

While many dogs are excellent swimmers, not all of them are. Older dogs may lose the ability to stay afloat and many animals will be unable to climb out over sides should they fall in. A fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate will help ensure no animals get access to the pool, according to In addition, you do not want your pets to drink from the pool, as the chemicals in the water are not meant for consumption.

Use your fence to keep wild animals out as well. Skunks, raccoons or other animals in your area may fall into the water, drown and lay dead in your pool water where your family is planning to swim the next day. The mere sight of this may discourage the fun you had planned.


If you have no children at home, do not have to worry about neighborhood children gaining access to the pool and do not own pets, then you may not be terribly concerned about installing a fence. But you may be worried about privacy. Put up a fence around your pool if you enjoy privacy while you are lounging about. Suburban settings with close neighboring homes can sometimes mean that you are on public display while lying on your float in a bikini.

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