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How to Keep Corsages Fresh


If you want your special lady to be the belle of the ball, you'll need to make sure her corsage doesn't let her down. Wilted flowers with drooping petals certainly won't add to her beauty, so make sure you keep her corsage fresh for the big day. You can do this by making sure you don't order it too soon, spritzing it with a little water and storing it in the refrigerator. Your date's flowers will look almost as beautiful as she does.

Timing is Everything

Cut flowers have a limited shelf life, and there's just no getting around it. Even if you take good care of a corsage, the flowers will begin to fade if you order it too early. Never take delivery of your corsage more than one day before the event. It's even better if you can wait until the day of the party. The day of the big event will likely be a busy one, but it's worth squeezing in some time to pick up a fresh corsage.

Have a Drink

Cut flowers are usually set in a vase with water, but a corsage simply won't fit in one. Instead, keep it hydrated by spraying the ends of the flower stems with water as soon as you receive the corsage. If the stems get dry, they will scab over and start to dry out. The drying process encourages the flowers to begin closing and conserving energy, causing them to shrink when you want them to shine.

Safe Storage

Refrigerating your corsage will help preserve its beauty. If the corsage comes in a plastic box, you can pop the whole thing into the fridge. If not, place the corsage into a plastic sandwich bag and remove as much of the air as you can without smashing the flowers. Put the corsage near the front of the refrigerator where it won't freeze. Try to pick an out of the way spot where the flowers won't experience a lot of shuffling and handling. Refrigerate the corsage for no more than 24 hours or it may not look its best.

Make a Memento

If your corsage was part of a memorable occasion, such as prom or your daughter's first daddy-daughter dance, you may wish to preserve it. You can't keep a corsage fresh forever, but you can dry it. To do this, twist a rubber band around the bottom of the corsage flowers' stems and use it to hang the corsage upside down in a dry, dark place. The flowers will dry out rather than rotting, so you can enjoy them for many years.

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