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The Fastest Growing Flower Seeds

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Starting your flower garden using seeds is cost effective and allows you to have a larger selection of beautiful blooms. But, waiting for the seeds to germinate can be frustrating. There are many flower seeds that germinate faster than others. There are also flowers that grow faster once their seeds have germinated. Selecting these fast-growing flower seeds will have your garden blooming soon.

Annual Seeds

Annual flower seeds generally germinate quicker than perennial flower seeds and therefore are more popular with gardeners. Because many annual flower seeds germinate and grow rapidly, in most cases it is better to wait until the last frost and sow your annual flower directly into your garden space. Popular annual flower seeds offering fast growth are zinnias, bachelor buttons, cosmos, sunflowers, calendulas, marigolds, delphiniums and nasturtiums. In three to four weeks you should have young seedlings growing.

Perennial Seeds

Growing your perennial flowers from seeds can be frustrating, not only because the seeds can take longer to germinate than annual flower seeds, but also because most perennial flowering plants that are started from seed will not bloom the first year of growth. There are a few that do bloom the first year, though: Blanket flower, blackberry lily, gaura, rose campion and black-eyed Susan are five perennial flowering plants you can grow from seeds and enjoy their flowers the same year. The seeds of these flowering perennials will germinate in six to eight weeks and are often started indoors in the early spring.

Wildflower Seeds

Wildflower seeds are probably the fastest germinating and growing seeds you can plant in your garden or landscape. This is due to the fact that in nature, wildflowers will reseed themselves. Although wildflowers are usually classified as annuals, because of their reseeding and reappearance year after year, many gardeners think of them as perennials. Popular, fast growing wildflowers are baby blue eyes, California blue bells, California poppies, Shirley poppies, farewell to spring, Indian blanket and primrose. Sow your wildflower seeds directly into your garden, following the planting instructions for the particular wildflower you wish to grow.

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