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The Best Peach Tree Varieties

Peach Tree in Sinai Egypt image by Rafik Elmlansy from

The best peach tree varieties can vary depending on climate. Peach trees differ by chilling requirement, or the number of hours they need to be exposed to freezing temperatures. Peaches grow best in USDA Zones 6 and 7, and will grow well enough in Zones 4 through 8, according to the National Gardening Association. Home gardeners in other climates may have trouble with meeting or exceeding the chilling requirement.

Belle of Georgia

Belle of Georgia is one of the hardiest varieties of peach trees, according to Ohio State University. Frost rarely damages this tree, which blooms later in the spring than most others. The large, white peaches are very sweet and are excellent when used in desserts.


Babcock does not look like your traditional peach. The skin is not fuzzy, and the fruit can be small. What makes this variety good one is the fruit is nonacidic, tender, juicy and ripens quickly. This variety is popular with home gardeners, according to Pacific Groves.


This mid-season peach tree variety is considered to be one of the tastiest, according to the National Gardening Association. Madison blooms in late spring and has yellow, medium-sized peaches. This tree is also very hardy and resistant to diseases, including peach leaf curl.


Redhaven is the most widely planted peach tree in America, according to Pacific Groves. This variety produces fruit early in the season from mid-June to early July. A heavy producer, the fruit should be thinned out when they are the size of cherries. The peaches have red and yellow skin. Use redhaven peaches in canning, as they hold their shape and flavor very well.

Bonanza II

Bonanza II is an excellent choice for home gardeners who don't have a lot of space. This peach tree variety is a genetic dwarf, which means it is naturally small and was not grafted onto dwarf rootstock. Although the tree is small, it produces large peaches with mottled, red and yellow skin. The fragrant peaches have yellow or orange flesh. They are best eaten raw and not used in baking.

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