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Roma Tomato Varieties

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Roma tomato bushes produce fruit that is, in reality, a large, oblong berry. They are popular choices for sauces and tomato pastes as well as Cajun dishes such as jambalaya. As a determinate variety, they produce most of their crop simultaneously, which is another top advantage to canning these types. Gardeners are sure to find a Roma tomato variety that will suit their tastes, whether using these fruits for canning, cooking or eating fresh.

La Roma

'La Roma' tomatoes are an open-pollinated variety, so bees are important to the production of fruit. The fruit averages 4 oz. and is pear-shaped and medium red in color. These tomatoes have thick skins and meaty flesh which also has little seeds or juice. 'La Roma' tomatoes yield large numbers of fruit, which are fairly uniform in size. The average harvest time is around 62 days


'Veeroma' tomatoes produce fruit that is somewhat square at the bottom. These fruits will produce a harvest approximately 72 days after first planting. 'Veeroma' tomatoes are a deep red in color. These tomato plants are resistant to verticullum wilt and fusarium wilt, two common tomato diseases that cause yellowing and dropping off of tomato leaves

San Marzano

'San Marzano' tomatoes may also be referred to as 'San Marzano II.' These plants produce deep red fruit with a plum shape. These tomatoes weigh between 5 and 6 oz. The tomatoes from these plants have a very meaty flesh with little juice. They mature approximately 80 days after sowing seeds and grow in clusters of five or six tomatoes each. They are resistant to common diseases as well as cracking of the fruit.

Viva Italia

'Viva Italia' tomatoes are around 3 oz each. The tomatoes from this plant have an elongated shape. This variety has a sweet taste and is often eaten fresh in addition to being used for sauces and pastes. 'Viva Italia' tomatoes have a solid, meaty flesh and thick skin.The fruits ripen in approximately 80 days after planting. These tomatoes grow well in hot locations.

Cream Sausage

'Cream Sausage' tomatoes get their name because this variety produces fruit that is a cream to light yellow color and is shaped like a link sausage. The ripened tomatoes will be around 3 in. long. The fruit of this plant will ripen 80 days after planting seeds. The plants are very bushy, with heavy yields, yet they normally do not need to be staked. They are a good choice for making tomato paste.

Banana Legs

The 'Banana Legs' tomato is long and bright yellow to orange in color. Tomatoes are around 4 inches long and weigh approximately 7 oz. They somewhat resemble a banana pepper when hanging on the bush. This is an heirloom variety, which means this variety has not been genetically altered. 'Banana Legs' tomatoes take approximately 75 days for fruit to mature. Because it is an heirloom variety, it has not been tested for resistance to many common tomato diseases, so growers should take care to rotate crops.

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