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Sherry Baby Orchid Care

The Sharry Baby orchid (Oncidium orchid) was produced by crossing Oncidium Jamie Sutton with O. Honolulu. The plant produces fragrant, mahogany and white blossoms that measure 1 1/2 inches in length and 1 inch in width. The flowers appear on stalks that reach up to 3 feet in length. The fragrance, often described as vanilla with chocolate, permeates a room. Flowering occurs over a 15- to 25-day time frame.

Potting Needs

The Sharry Baby requires well-draining compost soil. An epiphytic orchid in nature, the plant enjoys a mixture of sphagnum moss, bark chips and tree fern fiber. Repotting of the Sharry Baby should only occur if the roots have outgrown the current pot or the medium has decomposed. The plant normally outgrows the pot every three to four years.

Watering Requirements

The Sharry Baby orchid benefits from a complete watering every seven days. Allow the water to flow freely through the medium that surrounds the plant. The water should flow out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. The potting medium needs to feel slightly dry to the touch before each watering. Watering the Sharry Baby orchid too much can result in the plant's death. Any shrinking of the plant's pseudobulbs means that the orchid is being maintained in conditions that are too dry. The Sharry Baby orchid appreciates a light misting of its foliage each morning with room temperature water.

Temperature Maintenance

Maintain a room temperature of between 70 and 85 degrees F during the day to encourage the Sharry Baby to bloom and grow. At night, the temperature should dip to 60 to 65 degrees F. During flowering, maintain the temperature a few degrees lower to help the flowers last longer on the plant. Never let the surrounding room temperature dip below 55 degrees F or the orchid can sustain damage.

Fertilizing Applications

Fertilize the orchid every watering when the plant is actively growing. Use a water-soluble food specifically for orchids. During the months of inactive growth, the Sharry Baby requires fertilizing only every two to three weeks.

Light and Humidity

During the morning, the Sharry Baby orchid enjoys being placed in a brightly lit location but during the daylight hours it can be moved to a spot that offers full or partial shade. The plant enjoys a high humidity level and will greatly benefit from having its pot placed in a saucer filled with wet pebbles to raise the humidity level that surround actual plant. Placing humidifiers within the room with Sharry Baby orchids also helps to maintain the plant's overall health.

General Upkeep

The plant benefits from having dead flower heads clipped away. Often, the foliage will turn yellow and can also be safely removed to maintain the orchid's overall appearance.

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