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Homemade Plant Hangers

By Katherine Kally ; Updated September 21, 2017

Create your own homemade plant hanger that surrounds a planter with colors that sparkle in the light. You can make a beaded plant hanger using wood or plastic beads, but the decorative appeal of faceted crystal or glass beads will make a statement in any room. Hang the plant outdoors or inside with a glass or crystal beaded plant hanger. You can also add beaded fringe to the bottom or crystal prisms to the strands to further embellish the design.

Measure the distance across the bottom of the planter you plan to hang. Measure the overall desired hanging height for the planter. Double the height measurement and add the planter bottom measurement. Add 6 inches to this number.

Cut four strands of 20-gauge craft wire equal to the final number obtained in Step 1. Bend one end of each wire into a hook 3 inches from the tip.

Hook one wire over the craft ring. Thread a crimp bead over the open end of the wire and slide it to cover both wires where they meet around the craft ring. Press the crimp bead with crimp pliers to secure the wire around the ring; the wire loop around the ring should be secure, but able to slide if you push it. Wrap the excess tail wire around the craft ring.

Repeat Step 3 to hook the remaining three wires to the craft ring. Space the wires evenly around one side of the ring.

Thread 6mm faceted glass beads over each of the four wires, up to 3 inches from the end. Thread a 6mm metal crimp bead behind the last bead. Bend the wires into a hook to hold the beads in place.

Hook the end of one beaded wire over the opposite side of the craft ring as the first wire hooks from Step 3 and 4. Slide the end of the wire hook through the crimp bead and press it with crimping pliers. Repeat this step with the remaining three strands. Position the strands evenly around the ring.

Hang the beaded plant hanger by the craft ring. Fit the planter inside the beaded wire strands. Move the strands as needed to fit evenly around the planter.


Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Planter
  • 20-gauge craft wire
  • Wire cutters
  • 5-inch diameter metal craft ring
  • 6mm metal crimp beads, 8
  • Crimp pliers
  • 6mm faceted glass beads

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