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How to Adjust a Push Mower

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Mowing the lawn with your push mower is less stressful when you properly adjust the mower, which requires making adjustments to the handle and the deck height. Adjust the handle height so it is comfortable to your stature without bending over to push the mower along. Grass height determines the proper deck height of your mower. Adjust the deck height to accommodate the height of your grass, especially if you have missed a cutting and the grass is taller than usual to prevent forcing the mower through tall grass.

Adjust Handle

Disconnect the starter rope from the mower handle. Push the starter rope through the small notch on the handle that holds the starter rope handle. Slowly release the rope until the recoil spring stops pulling the rope.

Loosen, but do not remove, any clamps that secure the throttle cable to the mower handle with a Phillips-head screwdriver. If your throttle cable secures to the handle with plastic zip ties, do not remove them. The cable will slide within the ties when adjusting.

Locate the bolts that secure the bottom of the handle to the mower by the rear wheels. Some mowers use a large star knob that twists off by hand, while other mowers use a nut that requires a wrench to loosen and remove. Remove the nuts or knobs securing the handle to the mower. Hold onto the handle to prevent the handle from falling and possibly damaging the throttle cable.

Squeeze the bottom of the handle towards the center to release the handle from the bolts. Move the handle up or down one hole to adjust the height. The bolts go through two to three holes on the bottom of the handle to secure the handle. Slide the handle back over the bolts. Secure the handle to the mower with the retaining nuts or knobs.

Tighten the handle throttle clamp if you loosened the clamp. Pull up on the starter cord, and insert the cord through the holder on the handle.

Adjust Deck Height

Place the mower on a level surface.

Locate the lever handles between each wheel and the mower deck.

Pull up on one lever handle, and push the handle toward the wheel. Move the handle up or down to adjust the height of the deck. Release the handle until it locks into a notch on the dial between the deck and wheel.

Repeat for the remaining three wheels. Move each of the levers to the same notch as the first to adjust the deck to a level height.

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