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Vine Tomato Varieties

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Tomatoes may be classified as determinate or indeterminate. The determinate tomato is a bushy type that produces all of its fruit at one time. Indeterminate tomatoes are vines that produce fruit continually throughout the season. Indeterminate, or vine tomatoes, may or may not need cages and come in a wide variety of sizes, color and type so you can easily find a type ideal for your intended use.

Beefy Boy

Beefy Boy tomatoes are slicing tomatoes. These plants produce a large fruit that is medium-red to reddish-orange in color with a moderate amount of juice and soft skins. The vines will produce fruit approximately 70 days after the seeds are planted. Beefy Boy tomatoes are not known to be resistant to tomato diseases. Beefy Boy tomatoes may require cages or stakes for optimum productivity.

Early Girl

Early Girl tomatoes are so named because they are one of the earliest tomatoes to bear fruit. These tomatoes are normally ready for harvest around 50 days after planting. The plant normally produces high yields, which continue throughout the growing season. Early Girl tomatoes are slicing tomatoes that produces medium-sized, dark-red fruit. They are resistant to Verticullum Wilt, a disease that causes yellowing of the lower plant leaves.


Juliet tomatoes are a cherry-type tomato that may be grown in a garden or in containers. The fruit is long and deep red. The small tomatoes will form clusters on the tomato vines, much like that of a grape. Juliet tomatoes are good choices for salads or vegetable trays. A Juliet tomato will likely be ripen approximately 60 days after planting.

Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear is another type of cherry tomato. These fruits are yellow and pear-shaped, so they resemble a tiny pear fruit. These tomatoes have soft, juicy centers. Yellow Pear tomatoes grow on the vine in clusters, as Juliet tomatoes do. Harvest begins around 78 days after seeds are sown. These tomatoes are good choices for fresh salads but may also be canned or pickled.

Anna Russian

Anna Russian tomatoes are an heirloom variety that originated in Russia. These fruits are reddish-pink in color. The fruits grow in clusters of large fruit, so using tomato cages for this variety is a must. They are an early-producer, with vines ready to harvest in around 60 days. Because these tomatoes are an heirloom variety, they have not been tested for disease resistance. Anna Russian tomatoes are good choices for sandwiches, slicing or canning.

Mortgage Lifter

Mortgage Lifter tomatoes produce fruit that is pink to red. These vines produce small numbers of very large tomatoes. They have a low level of acid, which makes them a good choice for canning. They are also good tomatoes to use as garnishments or on sandwiches. They are not known to have resistance to Verticullum Wilt or Fusarium Wilt, so growers will want to make sure they rotate crops to reduce the chances of infection. Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are one of the latest to produce, with crops averaging 85 days after planting.

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