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Types of Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe spp.) are succulent plants that can be grown indoors or outdoors. These flowering beauties have thick, succulent leaves and blooms that range in color from pink to creamy white to bright orange. Kalanchoe plants are native to Madagascar, according to Clemson University, and thrive in warm, humid temperatures with full sun exposure. They prefer dry conditions and can suffer from fungal diseases if over-watered. There are several types of Kalanchoe, which differ mainly in their flower color and size.


The 'Parina' kalanchoe is desirable for a couple of reasons. One, it is hardier than many other kalanchoe types. It is able to withstand low-light conditions better than most. Secondly, kalanchoe 'Parina' has deeply purple flowers. Most kalanchoes have bright or light colored blooms.


Kalanchoe 'Tubiflora' is a rare type of kalanchoe. This tall, slender kalanchoe can grow to a height of 3 feet and features tubular, pendulous flowers atop a slender stem lined with thin leaves. This plant dies back after blooming, but will re-sprout in the spring.


'Snowdon,' as its name implies, features showy-white blossoms. The buds are cream, maturing to a bright white. The white flowers are framed nicely against the deep green, round leaves. 'Snowdon' is a long-bloomer. If properly cared for, the flowers will last for up to two months.


The 'Christmas' kalanchoe is a variety of kalanchoe that blooms right around Christmastime; hence the nickname. This kalanchoe comes in several different colors ranging from bright, cheerful red to soft pink and is easy to care for, according to the University of Oklahoma.

Calandiva Charming Red

'Calandiva Charming Red' is a slow-growing plant, which makes it one of the best types of kalanchoe to grow in a container. The flowers have double petals, making them appear ruffled. Although the flowers are small, they are numerous and an eye-catching, bright orange-red in color. The leaves are light-green in color and slightly shiny.

Panda Plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa is also known as the panda plant. This kalanchoe features fuzzy leaves, covered with tiny white hairs. They are small kalanchoes, reaching only 18 inches, and have greenish-white flowers, according to the University of Oklahoma.

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