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How to Make Grass Fertilizer With Beer

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Fertilizing your lawn helps add nutrients to the soil that will ultimately cause your grass to grow a lush green. Fortunately, you can find natural nutrients in some of the products you already have in your home. Beer is one of those products. Beer promotes grass growth because it increases microbial action within the soil. You can make your own beer fertilizer and then use it on a monthly basis.

Pour the beer and soda into a backpack sprayer. Make sure the beer and soda are both full strength. Diet, lite or caffeine-free won't work as well.

Add the mouthwash and ammonia to the backpack sprayer. The mouthwash is optional as it adds no value to the soil. It does, however, act as a deterrent to bugs.

Drip in your liquid dish soap and give all of the ingredients a stir.

Spray your lawn with this homemade fertilizer. Online Tips recommends that you do this first thing in the morning. It is best if you move from left to right or right to left consistently so that you do not miss any spots.


You can use a garden sprayer instead of a backpack sprayer if you have one.


This recipe will only cover 400 square feet of yard. If you need to cover 800 square feet, just double the recipe, or triple the recipe for 1,200 square feet.

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