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Steps to Plant Seeds for Kids

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Teach a child the basics of gardening and about the environment around her by setting up a space in the garden. She can learn how to follow directions, to be responsible and to enjoy the end result for all of her hard work. For kids who show interest in getting their hands dirty or like to watch their mom and dad work in the garden, it can encourage them to learn and explore their curiosity.

Gardening Space

Create a space on the lawn or in an already established garden. Consider the age of your child before digging a space for him to plant seeds. Smaller children (such as ages two to four) may only need an area to plant a half package of seeds, while children five and older could plant multiple seed packets. Plant easy-to-grow vegetable seeds, such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions or peppers. Sunflowers and marigolds are also easy to grow.

Prep the Area

Allow your child to pick out a pair of gardening gloves to wear when she gardens. Give a small child a spoon to help dig a hole for the seeds. Older children can use smaller garden tools, such as a hand shovel.

Plant the Seeds

Open the packet of seeds and hand a few to your child. Allow him to place seeds in the small hole that was dug out with the spoon or shovel. Have him place the seed about 1/2 to 1 inch deep into the hole. Let him cover it with dirt. Do the same with the rest of the seeds that are left over. Mark each seed spot with the seed packet taped or tied to a plastic spoon or fork poked into the ground.

Water the Seeds

Help your child fill a watering can or jug (use one that the child can handle) with some water. Allow her to use the watering can to water each seed area. Water the seed daily to encourage the growth of the plant. As the plant grows larger, let the child use a spray hose to water the plant.

Keep a Journal

Take a photo of each stage of the seed with your child. Place the photos in a journal that can show each step of the seed as it grows. Take photos of your child planting the seed, watering it and as the plant continues to grow larger. His first garden journal and photos can be a memento for him to keep when he is older.

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