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How to Kill Vinca Vine

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Some vinca vines, such as Vinca minor, are considered invasive plants in many parts of the United States. While vinca vines typically grow beautiful periwinkle flowers, if you fail to control it with a yearly pruning it can soon become invasive in your yard or garden. If your vinca vine is out of control, or if you just want to start over, there are several ways to kill it.

Mow over the vinca vine from spring until fall. If the vine is unable to grow, it will not be able to photosynthesize and produce food and will eventually die. If it begins to grow the following year, continue to mow it.

Remove a vinca vine manually, which is easier to do when the soil is moist. Take a garden rake and run it through where the vinca vine is growing to loosen the plant from the ground. Then pull it up near the base of the plant and continue to pull until most of the roots come up. There will most likely be more than one vinca vine in any one area. If you notice new growth appear later, pull it up again.

Kill a vinca vine with a non-selective herbicide, such as one that contains glyphosate. Apply it in the spring when the vinca vine begins to grow again and repeat when you see new growth appear. You can do this step independently of any other control measures, or you can apply the herbicide to any new growth in the spring after you mowed or pulled it up the previous season. Always adhere to the application instructions on the label and apply it on a warm, calm and dry day. Protect your eyes and skin with long clothing and goggles.

Variegated Vinca Vine Plants

Two species of vinca are planted as groundcover vines, and both have variegated varieties. Vinca major has 2-inch-wide flowers and reaches a height of 12 to 24 inches. " You can find several variegated varieties of Vinca minor. Yellow variegated varieties include "Illumination" and "Aureovariegata." They are also not picky about soil pH or fertility. Vinca major is best suited for areas in the yard that are in full sun to partial shade, while Vinca minor is better for partially to fully shaded sites. With its grow-anywhere character, vinca is known as an invasive plant. To prevent your vinca from invading natural areas, control its spread in your garden with regular trimming, and do not allow it to grow beyond your garden's borders.

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