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How to Buy Gerbera Daisies

By S.F. Heron ; Updated September 21, 2017
Gerbera daisies have a distinctive wide flower.

Gerbera daisies produce large, vibrant blooms that provide attractive color in flower gardens or containers. This type of daisy grows to a mature height of up to 18 inches and produces thick foliage with a bumpy texture. Learning how to buy gerbera daisies involves understanding what issues affect this particular plant. Such knowledge will help you buy the best plants from the garden center.

Find your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone using the link provided in the Resources section below. Click on your state on the map to increase the map size and find your specific location. Find the color of your zone and compare it to the colored map legend. This zone number correlates to a minimum temperature that hardy plants can tolerate. Gerbera daisies function as perennials only in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 8. These plants are annuals in all other zones.

Visit a garden center and check the offerings of gerbera daisies. These plants come in colors such as yellow, red, pink and peach. Select gerbera daisies for use in your containers or landscape only if you plan to situate the plants in a full-sun location.

Examine the gerbera plants for potential new buds and to check the amount of flowers. Some growers force flowering to entice customers to buy gerbera daisies at the nursery. A better choice involves selecting a plant that features plenty of buds and few flowers. Check plant labels to determine the exact color of the plants' flowers.

Check the plants for excessively long flower stems or large leaves. This indicates a problem with growing conditions at the nursery that could involve too little light exposure. Short flower stems may indicate a lack of water or cool temperatures during the maturing stages of growth. Stick your finger into the soil. It should be evenly damp throughout the pot. Press your hand down the inside of the pot (usually a gallon-size container). You should feel roots down to the bottom of the pot.

Avoid any plant that has wilted foliage or drooping flowers. This plant is stressed from too little sun, improper watering or inappropriate fertilizer. A plant situated too deeply in a transplant container can also exhibit wilting caused from root rot.

Buy plants situated in a brightly lit area of the nursery. Gerberas thrive in full sun and need this light continually. The inside of a nursery doesn't provide enough light to keep the plant healthy before purchase by a customer.

Select healthy plants with plenty of buds for purchase. Plant the gerbera daisies according to the recommendations listed on the plant label.


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