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How to Preserve Dead Flowers

By Hollan Johnson ; Updated September 21, 2017

Flowers are a lovely reminder of certain moments in your life, such as a wedding bouquet or an arrangement of flowers sent to you by a loved one, or maybe they are just flowers you picked from your garden. Once you pick a flower, it begins to die. However, you can preserve your dead flowers with a few household products.

Remove the flowers from the vase or their wrapping, if they are in any. Cut off any water-logged part of the dead flower’s stem. Remove any leaves as well.

Lay the flowers on a paper towel and spray them thoroughly with one or two layers of hair spray. Extra-hold hair spray works better at preserving the shape of the flowers.

Wrap each stem of the flowers individually in a paper towel and pin them to the hanger with the clothespins. Be sure they are spaced far enough apart that they are not touching. Hang the flowers upside down to preserve their shape.

Hang the hanger in a dark, dry closet and shut the door. Leave the flowers in the closet for one to two weeks until they are completely dry.


Things You Will Need

  • Hairspray
  • Hanger and clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Paper towel


  • This will work only on dead flowers that are not losing their petals or flowers that are bruised or water logged.

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