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Indoor Plants That Don't Need Sunlight

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Indoor plants that don't require much sunlight are a good choice for first-time plant owners or those who do not have enough space for a garden. They are simple to care for and do not require much water. Plants that don't need direct sunlight are often adaptable to a variety of environments, making it easy to leave them unattended for a few days at a time.

Lucky Bamboo Plants

A lucky bamboo plant is easy to care for and can thrive in low sunlight conditions. This type of plant works well for apartments or other small living spaces. It must be kept in fresh spring water, otherwise its leaves will turn yellow. Owners of lucky bamboo should change the water each week. Too much sunlight can also harm the bamboo plant.


Ivy may be grown in a variety of different sized pots or hanging baskets. The plant does not require much watering and only needs minimal sunlight. Water the ivy only when the top of the soil is dry. Allow the water to reach the roots, but do not over-water the plant leaving water sit inside the container. Provide an ivy with natural light but do not set it in direct sunlight. Do not put an ivy plant in a hot room--Ivy plants prefer temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees F.

Peace Lily

A peace lily is simple to care for and its glossy leaves add drama to a room. The plant requires little watering and does not need direct sunlight. Peace lilies prefer bright, filtered light. The striking white flowers of a peace lily will develop once it has matured.


A pothos, or devil's ivy, adds a tropical feel to your home. They are easy to grow as they require little watering and do not require direct sunlight. Pothos are ideal for beginning gardeners. Too much water and exposure to sunlight will harm pothos plants. You can train the plants up a moss pole or use them as trailing plants in a hanging planter.

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