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How to Grow Silver King Corn

By Annita Lawson ; Updated September 21, 2017

Silver King corn (Zea mays) grows from 6 to 10 feet tall and produces 8-inch ears of very sweet, white corn. This variety is resistant to most diseases and retains a sweet flavor for a longer period after storage than many other types of corn. It prefers soil that is well-drained and needs eight to ten hours of sun each day.

Wait until two weeks after the last spring frost to plant Silver King corn. The seeds will not germinate when the soil temperature is lower than 60 degrees F.

Loosen the soil in the planting location to a depth of between 6 and 8 inches. Use a garden hoe to make rows for planting, leaving 3 feet of space between each row.

Add 10-10-10 fertilizer at a rate of 2 or 3 pounds for every 100 square feet. Mix well with the top 3 to 4 inches of garden soil.

Use your finger to make planting holes that are 1 inch deep for each corn seed. Leave a space of 8 to 12 inches between each seed to allow the plant room to spread as it matures.

Water until the soil is moist to a depth of 6 inches. Continue to water throughout the growing season anytime that your area receives less than 1 inch of rainfall per week.

Feed the corn again once it is approximately 3 feet tall, using 1 pound of ammonium nitrate for every 100 feet. Sprinkle it alongside the plants, but avoid allowing it to come into contact with the stalks.

Cultivate regularly using a garden hoe to control weeds. Do not disturb the soil too deeply to avoid damaging the corn's root system. Heap 2- to 3-inch mounds of soil around each stalk of corn to prevent damage from strong winds.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden fork or tiller
  • Garden hoe
  • 10-10-10 fertilizer
  • Ammonium nitrate


  • Add a second treatment of ammonium nitrate when tassels start to develop if the soil in your garden contains excessive sand.
  • Harvest the corn when the ends of the silks are dry and brown.