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How to Plant Garlic in Pots

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Garlic is an herb that can be used in multiple recipes and other applications, such as cold remedies and flea or mosquito repellent. Garlic is a simple herb to grow and can become a self-propagating plant. One bulb of garlic creates up to five cloves of garlic; a clove grows into one bulb of garlic so one bulb of garlic can be used to grow five more.

Locate a spot near a window where the plant can get at least six hours of sun per day. Use a spot where there is a wide windowsill or floor space in front of the window.

Use a pot with a 3-inch diameter if you are planting one clove of garlic per pot. These are the best type to sit on a windowsill because of their size. As an alternative to multiple pots, you can use a bookshelf to hold a 24-by-3 inch rectangular planter for multiple garlic plants.

Fill the pot with the potting soil, leaving a 2-inch gap between the top of the soil and the top of the pot. Dig a 1-inch hole in the center of the soil. Put the clove upright into the hole. Cover the clove with soil. For multiple cloves, leave a space of 4 inches between each clove.

Water the soil with the watering can until the soil is damp but not wet. Garlic requires moist soil to grow. Test the soil daily by putting the tip of your finger into the soil; if the soil feels dry water the soil until it is moist.

Keep the pot in the windowsill as the plant grows. Watch for the leaves to turn brown and start to wilt. This will be when the garlic is fully grown in the soil.

Grasp the plant by the base. Pull the garlic out of the pot. Wash the soil off of the garlic. Tie a few bulbs together by the base of the greens with the string. Tie the other end of the string to a hook or nail hanging from the wall or ceiling. Allow the the bulbs to dry up to two weeks.

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