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How to Replace a Sears Lawn Mower Battery

By Kenneth Crawford ; Updated September 21, 2017

Craftsman manufactures the Sears line of lawn mowers. These riding mowers use a battery just like your car. Over time, these batteries will need replacing. To replace the Sears lawn mower battery, know where to find it. Some mowers have the battery under the hood, while others will have the battery under the seat. Replacement batteries are available at auto parts stores.

Park the Sears Craftsman mower on a level surface and pull the ignition key out of the ignition. Open the lawn mower hood to the fully open position, if your battery is under the hood. Some Sears Craftsman mowers have the battery under the operator's seat. Lift the seat forward to access the battery.

Loosen the black battery cable clamp on the battery with an open-end wrench. Pull the black battery cable off the battery terminal. Loosen the clamp on the red battery cable and pull the red battery cable off the battery. Grab the battery on two sides and lift the battery out of the battery compartment.

Place a replacement battery inside the battery compartment. Position the cable clamp on the red cable over the "+" terminal on the battery. Tighten the clamp with the wrench.

Push the black cable clamp over the "-" terminal on the battery and tighten the clamp with the wrench. Lower the operator's seat or the lawn mower hood, depending on the location of the battery.


Things You Will Need

  • Wrench set


  • Do not contact both battery terminals at the same time with a wrench or other metal object.

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