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How to Care for Cypress Evergreen Trees in Your Home

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Cypress evergreens (Cupressus macrocarpa) can offer an attractive addition to your home, but only for a short time. These evergreens require room to grow and spread, reaching 70 feet tall once mature. Transplanting should take place within the first year of life to reduce the impact to the root system. During the first year it can be a decorative piece indoors with proper care that will help maintain its life once it reaches the outdoors.

Create good soil in a large pot. Cypress pines grow quickly and require enough space for a significant root ball to form. Add peat and sand to the soil in a ratio of 3:1 for optimal performance of the cypress pine. Firm the soil around the base of the tree to prevent tilting or leaning.

Fertilize the soil monthly with an evergreen fertilizer. Follow the dosage directions on the package to ensure proper feeding of the tree. Maintain the tree in a well-lit area, preferably in direct sunlight for two to three hours each day. Prevent tilting of the plant by turning the pot to ensure light is evenly distributed across the tree.

Provide adequate water to maintain a moist soil. Apply mulch around the base of the tree, covering the soil to prevent excessive drying. Water weekly until excess water drains from the bottom of the pot. Provide humidity to the tree. Run a humidifier during winter months to provide adequate climate settings. Apply mulch to the top of the planter to hold moisture in the soil.

Transplant the evergreen after one year. Choose a location that will offer the appropriate amount of sunlight and moisture to the tree. Dig a hole large enough to place the entire root system under the soil. Firmly press the soil around the trunk of the tree. Add soil around the base to establish a water ring. This water ring will hold water close to the tree, offering optimal soil moisture.

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