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Homemade Plant Root Stimulator

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If you are getting ready to pot a few plants, or transplant some already established plants, you may want to use a root stimulator. This will encourage the roots to begin growing again after the shock of being moved. You do not need to spend money purchasing chemical root stimulants. You can make a homemade root stimulant out of willow branches and water.

Pour the water into a large pot and bring it to a boil.

Remove the pot from the heat and add as many cut willow branches as you can to the water. The branches should be one inch in size, and must remain under the water to do any good. You'll know you have enough when the branches begin to stick up above the water.

Set the pot aside until the water cools completely. You may want to give the pot a stir a few times while the water is still hot.

Take the willow branches out of the pot, and pour the water into a watering can.

Use the water to soak the soil around the roots of your plants as soon as you plant them.

Homemade Tree Root Stimulator

Chemical root stimulators often contain phosphorous, like many fertilizers, but they also contain a class of plant hormones called auxins. Cut up 2 cups of thin willow branches, bruising the leaves or buds with a hammer. The pieces should be 1 to 2 inches long. Pour them into a half gallon of boiling water, then let it steep until the water is room temperature. Strain out the stems and save the water to use as a root stimulant. If you don't have a willow tree nearby, you can order willow cuttings online, or you can use other fast-growing tree cuttings such as dogwood or poplar. Pour about 2 cups into the hole where you plan to put your tree, then add more -- at least 2 cups at a time -- to each layer of soil you backfill into the hole. Add about a half gallon every day for the first couple of weeks after planting to help the tree's roots become well established in their new home. If you have willow water left, pour it over your vegetable or herb garden to help the roots mature quickly.


Only use willow branches that are healthy and green to make your homemade root stimulant.

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