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The Best Indiana Climbing Roses

By Misty Amber Brighton ; Updated September 21, 2017

A rose bush will die back to the crown every winter. Excessive pruning can leave roses with no wood to bloom on the following spring. High winds can also wreak havoc on climbing roses, which must survive harsh winter conditions if they are to continue to climb. Indiana residents face the challenges of sub-zero temperatures coupled with strong winds, especially in the area near Lake Michigan. Hoosiers who wish to achieve their dream of lovely climbing rose bushes should take care to plant one that is recommended for their part of the state.

John Cabot

John Cabot roses are a deep pinkish-red in color. The vines can grow up to 10 feet high. Flowers bloom in June through September. Blooms are around 3 inches in diameter and come in small clusters. John Cabot climbing roses can survive temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit under normal conditions. If protected from the elements with the proper windbreaks, these roses can occasionally survive temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This rose will do well in all parts of the state, especially the north.

Quadra J.F.

Quadra J.F. roses are deep red in color. The bush can grow up to 8 feet tall. It produces double blooms, which are 3 to 4 inches in diameter and usually appear in clusters of four to six blooms. It is hardy up to -35 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will produce well in all parts of the state, but is best suited for northern and central Indiana.

New Dawn

New Dawn roses are pale pink in color. The bush has long canes with many thick, heavy thorns. The canes of the New Dawn rose grow very quickly. It must be pruned often and carefully trained in order to grow on your trellis or arbor. The blooms have a very light fragrance. This rose variety is very disease resistant and is hardy to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, making New Dawn an excellent choice for planting in the southern part of the state.


Leverkusen is a yellow climbing rose that can reach a height of up to 7 feet. The leaves of the Leverkusen rose are a shiny dark green. The buds are long and pointed and turn into double blooms upon opening. This is a very fragrant rose that is hardy to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a good choice for planting in the southern part of the state. It will do best in the extreme southwestern corner near Evansville and the far southeastern corner along the Ohio River near Cincinnati.


Dortmund roses are medium red in color. These flowers have a golden center with white petals on the inside of the blooms. The roses are produced as a single flower to a stem. The flowers bloom during June, July and August. The Dortmund climbing rose works well on an arched trellis and produces a medium to light fragrance. It is absolutely essential that this rose be planted in full sun. The Dortmund climbing rose is hardy to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will produce well in all areas of the state.


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