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Plant Seeds That Grow Fast

By Carole Ellis ; Updated September 21, 2017
Beans have large seeds, sprout quickly and yield pretty flowers and edible results.

If you are planting with a child, or you are an impatient person who wants a quick start to their garden, speed is an essential part of a successful growing experience. Choosing plant seeds that germinate and grow quickly can make your first foray into gardening a delight that does not take long to come to fruition, which makes a big difference in your level of enjoyment--and that of a child. There are many types of plants that sprout or even bloom in just a few weeks.


Wildflowers can grow in spring, summer or fall. Till the area you want to seed with wildflowers, then seed that ground immediately before weeds can start growing in place of your flowers. Pick a wildflower mix that suits the area that you want to plant: sunny, partial shade or full shade. These flowers will usually grow fastest and best in the sun. Give the flower bed plenty of water, and watch them start to sprout in as little as eight days if the weather is warm and sunny. If you want fast results, plant annual wildflowers, which will only grow for one season, but will germinate in about two weeks as long as the weather is warm (70 degrees Fahrenheit) and sunny. Perennial wildflowers will return year after year, but they can take as long as 70 days to germinate and some species will not even bloom the first year.

Bean Plants

Bean plants have very large seeds and germinate in less than a week in some cases. They grow very quickly and can be started in a small paper cup, then moved outside as the vines start trailing. Beans need sunlight and moist soil, but are relatively low-maintenance, making them perfect for a child's first foray into gardening. Also, they will sprout in just four to six days. Many bean plants, like scarlet runner beans, have showy flowers as well as edible pods, making them particularly rewarding throughout their growth cycle.


Gourds also have large seeds, which helps them start growing quickly. Some gourds will sprout in 24 hours, while others may take as long as 10 days. Since they grow on a vine, you can use your gourd plant to decorate a trellis or a fence while you are waiting on your gourds. The flowers on the vines will be large and showy, and large gourds will develop during late summer and fall. Once the gourds have matured, they make attractive autumn decorations.