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How to Use Eucalyptus Leaves in the House

By Chelsea Hoffman ; Updated September 21, 2017

A hardwood tree native mostly to Australia, Eucalyptus presents itself as useful for a variety of applications. The wood of the tree is used to construct buildings and as firewood, but the leaves of eucalyptus hold the powerfully aromatic and camphorous essential oils of the plant. Using eucalyptus leaves in your home, whether for home decor or for aroma-therapeutic reasons, is easy for most people, because the leaves are versatile and retain their scent even when dried.

Vase Decor

Arrange two or three spikes of eucalyptus featuring clusters of reddish-green leaves into a tall and skinny vase.

Snip the stalks from two or three pampas grass flowers, making them shorter than the eucalyptus.

Insert the pampas grass flowers into the vase, surrounding the central stalks of eucalyptus leaves. Set the vase on a mantel or as a table centerpiece.

For Fresh Air

Introduce about two handfuls of eucalyptus leaves to the reservoir of a home humidor.

Fill the humidor's reservoir with cool water.

Switch the humidor on, and allow it to fill the environment with puffs of eucalyptus-infused steam. The steaming water of the humidor extracts the essential oils from the leaves and disperses them into the air with the clouds of steam. This makes breathing easier, and relaxes you according to aromatherapists and The University of Maryland Medical Center.


Things You Will Need

  • Eucalyptus spikes with leaves intact
  • Tall vase
  • Pampas grass blossoms
  • Home humidor

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