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Yellow Tomato Varieties

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If you want to color up your vegetable garden or your dinner plate, consider planting yellow tomatoes, which are a bit higher in Vitamin A and beta carotene than standard red tomatoes. Yellow tomatoes are available in a range of sizes and shapes, and grow under the same conditions as regular tomatoes. Tomato plants require temperatures between 50 degrees overnight, up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during daylight hours for fruit to properly set. Tomatoes should be planted in full sun, and require regular watering--they should not be allowed to wilt. Plants should be staked or caged to help support stems as the fruit matures.

Banana Legs

This elongated yellow tomato resembles a a jalapeno pepper in shape, but is yellow-orange and may have some green highlights. The banana legs tomato is a paste variety, meaning it is meaty and firm with few seeds. These plants take 75 days from sowing seed to harvest and are prolific producers.

Cherry and Grape

There are many varieties of cherry and grape yellow tomatoes, including Cuban yellow, Galina's, gold nugget, and golden sweet hybrid. These varieties grow in clusters. Galina's and gold nugget are cherry varieties with sweet, rich fruit that is small and round. Galina's is originally from Siberia and takes 75 days to be ready for harvest. Gold nugget, which is nearly seedless, was developed at Oregon State University and takes 60 days to mature.

Cuban yellow and golden sweet hybrid are grape tomatoes that are oval or pear-shaped. Cuban yellow produces a sweet fruit that is ready to harvest in 90 days, while the golden sweet hybrid is a sweet, crisp tomato that takes 60 days to mature.

Lillian's Yellow Heirloom

This old-world variety is a big, meaty beefsteak tomato that can weigh up to a pound and has a sweet flavor. These tomatoes are easy to cut and are nearly seedless. Lillian's yellow heirloom looks almost like an orange in color and the foliage is larger than on standard tomato plants. These tomatoes take 90 days to mature.

Yellow Bell

The yellow bell is an heirloom variety that produces a mild-tasting, pear-shaped fruit that is meaty and may be used in making pastes and sauces. The fruit is about 2 inches long and grows in clusters. Yellow bells take about 60 days from sowing seed to harvest.

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