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How to Repot a Venus Flytrap

Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are, in fact, real plant, not myths, as some people believe. And yet, surprising to some others, they are native to the United States, specifically the North and South Carolina areas. Venus flytraps, as their name suggests, are carnivorous plants that eat flies and other insects by luring them into their traps using the sweet-smelling nectar. If your Venus flytrap has outgrown its current pot, then repotting is necessary. Repot your Venus flytrap in the early spring before the growing season begins.

Take your Venus flytrap out of its current container. Squeeze the sides of the pot, turn it on its side, and tug gently at the plant’s base to remove it. If you pot is not pliable, take a knife and run it between the soil and pot to separate them. Carefully turn it on its side and pull at the base of the plant to take it out of the pot.

Gently remove the soil from the roots of the plant. Swirl the roots in a bowl of water to get the rest of the soil off.

Fill another pot with one part sand and two parts peat moss. Fill it close to the top. It will settle after you water it.

Dig a hole large and deep enough to accommodate the Venus flytrap’s roots. Spread the roots out and pack in the soil around the roots. The top of the plant should be planted at the same depth as it was before.

Pack down the soil gently and water the newly potted plant until the soil is thoroughly moist. If any water drains out the drainage hole, dump it out.

Replant A Venus Flytrap

Choosing the right soil presents your biggest challenge when repotting a Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). In their native North Carolina, the plants grow in swampy bogs or even along the side of roadways, where they take little in the way of nutrients from the soil. The best soil mix for a Venus flytrap consists of half sand and half peat moss. This mix mimics the natural boggy soils of the plant's native habitat. Set the plastic cylinder in the pot's saucer. When you're ready to transplant the Venus flytrap into its new pot: * Fill the new pot with soil and water it with purified water or rainwater, patting it down very gently.
* Make a hole in the soil using a spoon or trowel as large as the diameter of the pot where the plant currently grows. * Place the plant and its soil ball into the new hole. *

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