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How to Keep Squirrels From Eating Flowers

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Squirrels look innocent and cute, but in actuality they can cause a significant amount of damage to your flowers. Squirrels are notorious for digging up flower bulbs. What's worse is that once the squirrels find a food source on your property, they can make their way into your home looking for shelter. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep the squirrels out of your flowers, and away from your home.

Soak all your flower bulbs in squirrel repellent bought from a garden center before planting them in the ground. This takes a little bit of your time, but will keep the flowers from becoming appealing to squirrels.

Set up an animal trap and bait it with peanut butter. This is a favorite of squirrels. Once you catch the squirrels, you can set them free in a nearby park.

Sprinkle cayenne pepper flakes around the base of your flowers. This is a natural squirrel repellent.

Surround your flowers with a 1-inch mesh wire fence. It must go 6 inches under the ground to protect the bulbs, and extend 30 inches high above the ground to protect flowers in bloom. This is not the prettiest solution, but it is one of the most effective.

Rid Of Squirrels

Has your yard become a playground for squirrels? they’re cute and playful, right? They will dig up flowers, eat your greens and pluck the fruit off of your trees. Before using any type of substance to deter squirrels, research ingredients to be sure you select something non-toxic. It’s not only entertaining, It's surprisingly effective. A squirrel may see Fido or Felix as its foe, and will feel threatened enough to stay away when challenged. Despite what some animal lovers may think, squirrels are not appropriate pets, so resist the urge to feed them. This includes cat food, bird food and any other scraps that may be lying around. Another effective approach to show squirrels the exit is to look in your kitchen. Sprinkle cayenne pepper, pepper flakes and garlic around your yard and garden, being sure to saturate the areas that squirrels frequent the most. In addition to picking up fruit, nuts or acorns that have fallen to the ground, you might want to rake the areas around the trees in order to prevent squirrels from finding their next stash of goodies. You can also put netting over your plants and mulch around the area the squirrels are damaging. When they pass by the sensor, the sprinkler will turn on and douse the squirrels with an unwanted shower. Yes, they are small, but squirrels are also mighty. If you have garbage outside without lids, you need to get a lid and secure it. Using bungee cords or a heavy rock, brick or piece of metal set on top of garbage cans keeps the lids secure.


If you do not have cayenne pepper flakes, you can dilute hot sauce in water and spray it around your flowers.

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