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How to Water a Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise image by Wendy Hotalling from

Bird of Paradise, a beautiful plant with a flower that looks like the head of colorful bird, is native to South Africa but can grow in other hot, humid places like Florida or Hawaii. To keep these flowers looking their best during the blooming season, you need to know how and when to keep them watered.

Plant Bird of Paradise in well-draining soil for best results. Each plant needs about 6 feet of space around it for good growth and multiple blooms.

Water often in the winter months to promote growth and flowering. Mulch will seal in moisture so the plant retains what it needs, including nutrients.

Use a water hose to saturate the plant almost daily and keep the ground damp. Mound dirt in a circle around the flower to keep water from flowing away from the plant. Make the circle about 10 to 12 inches out from the plant's stalks. Do not overwater, however. As long as the dirt remains damp, Bird of Paradise will grow and bloom.

Winterize Outdoor Bird Of Paradise

Cease fertilizing your plant in the early fall. Spread mulch around the base of the plant. In spring and summer, the mulch shouldn't cover the area near the plant to allow the roots to breathe and help prevent root rot. However, in winter, mulch provides much-needed insulation against the cold. The bird of paradise doesn't need as much water when it's not growing. Extend the burlap all the way to the ground, and stake through the burlap with ground stakes to hold it in place.

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