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Psychoactive Plants in Florida

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Although psychoactive plants are illegal to consume as recreational drugs, many are legal to grow in the United States. Psychoactive plants can add a touch of exotic beauty to your garden landscape, and incorporating some of them into your garden allows you to experiment with new types of flora and foliage. From common flowers to striking foliage, a plethora of psychoactive plants thrive in the state of Florida and other similar subtropical climates.


A perennial herbaceous shrub, belladonna thrives in temperate and subtropical climates like that of the state of Florida. The blossoms are delicate and vary in color from white and pink to blue-purple and red, which fall away to reveal small shiny black berries. Belladonna requires partial shade from the sun and constant moisture. A psychoactive plant, belladonna is used in treatments by alternative health practitioners to relieve menstrual cramps; however, belladonna is highly potent and should never be ingested without a doctor's supervision. Muscle paralysis, slurred speech, unconsciousness and even death can result from ingesting belladonna.


Also known as heliotropium, heliotrope thrives in Florida, as well as most parts of the US and Europe. A popular garden plant, and an ingredient for perfume oils, heliotrope possesses psychoactive compounds that can prove fatal if the plant is consumed in large amounts. Planting heliotrope requires moisture-rich soil, compost and partial shade. During the summer months in Florida, heliotrope changes colors in the sun, making it an interesting flower to add to a psychoactive garden display.

Passion Flower

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An attractive and hardy vine plant, the passion flower produces vivid blossoms of several color variations. Passion flowers contain various compounds that have psychoactive effects when the flower is ingested, giving an effect similar to marijuana. Passion flowers thrive in Florida as well as other humid and warm climates. They require peat-rich soil and plenty of moisture. Keep passionflowers shaded in your garden for optimal growth.

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