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How to Decorate With Grapevine Garland

Grapevine garland can be a charming element in your rustic or country home décor. Use the garland to create simple window treatments, wall art or to embellish a mantle, dining or sofa table. Dried grapevine garland is available in rolls in the floral section of most craft stores. Decorate the garland with paint, lights, silk flowers, crystals and other embellishments to enhance your room for any season.

Measure the length of the mantle or table that you wish to decorate with grapevine garland. To decorate a mantle, plan to place the garland from one end to the other. To decorate a table, plan to run the garland down the center, leaving room on each end for place settings. Create a grapevine garland centerpiece for a sofa table. Design it to drape down over each side, cover only the length of the tabletop or use 1 to 2 feet of garland along the middle of the table.

Unroll the garland to the length that you need. Cut the garland to length with pruning shears. If you prefer thicker coverage on a mantle, cut another section of grapevine garland and wire or tape the ends together with floral wire or tape.

Weave a strand of twinkle lights along the length of the grapevine garland. Tuck the wiring behind the vines as much as possible. Use floral tape to help secure the wires in place.

Cut an 8-inch length of floral wire for each bunch of artificial grapes that you plan to attach to the grapevine. Artificial grapes made from rubbery plastic are available in shades of red, green and purple from many floral supply stores. Most bunches have stems and leaves attached.

Place a bunch of artificial grapes on the grapevine garland. Attach the grapes to the grapevine by wrapping the floral wire around the stem on the grapes and the vine. Place three to seven bunches of artificial grapes randomly over the grapevine garland.

Lay the garland across the mantle or table. Plug in the lights.


Cut shorter lengths of grapevine garland, decorate them with silk flowers or artificial grapes and hang them over a doorway. Wind lighted grapevine garland along the staircase railings during the holidays. Attach silk poinsettias or fall leaves to the garland to add a festive touch.

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