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How to Mix Spectracide Diazinon Insect Spray

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Spectracide diazinon is a pesticide that combats ants, grubs, spiders and many other insects. It comes in a concentrate, which means it must be mixed with water before you apply it to your lawn. Another important thing to remember when using spectracide diazinon is that it is poisonous. Always keep children and pets indoors while you prepare and use the spectracide diazinon.

Put on a pair of gloves and a mask before you open your spectracide diazinon.

Pour 5 tbsp. of spectracide diazinon into a garden sprayer.

Add 1 gallon of water. As it pours in, it will naturally mix with the spectracide diazinon. If you feel the need to mix it yourself, use a wooden mixing stick like you would use to mix paint with.

Place the lid on the garden sprayer and use it on your lawn where you are having a problem with insects.

Spectracide On New Lawns?

After seeding a new lawn, wait until you’ve mowed four times before using Spectracide weed killer. New lawns require regular mowing as they grow. The specific height for lawn grass (Poaceae) varies by species, but 2 to 3 inches is common. Spectracide is a postemergent weed killer. Pick a dry day between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid getting the liquid mixture on any exposed skin or in your eyes. Use a dedicated sprayer for Spectracide to avoid contamination with other products. When using Spectracide on Bermudagrass, expect the lawn to yellow slightly for a day or two after applying it.


If you are spraying ant hills, remove the top portion of the mound first. This will allow the spray to get down into the tunnels.


Never smoke while handling spectracide diazinon.

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