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The Care of a Plumeria Plant

By Pamela Gardapee ; Updated September 21, 2017
Plumeria tree with flowers

The plumeria plant is a tree that grows beautiful flowers that are used in leis. The tropical plant needs to have special care so that it will bloom each year. The tree can be grown in a container so that during winter months in colder regions, the plumeria can be taken indoors. Other common names for the tropical tree are Hawaiian Lei flower and frangipani. The tree will bloom from early summer until the later fall with a strong fragrance that is emitted from the flowers.

Place the plant in an area where it will have full sunlight to partial shade. If you keep the container in the house, you should provide it with sunlight by placing it in a south or west window. During the winter, when the days are shorter, you can use additional artificial light from a 60 watt bulb to give the plant the extra light that it needs.

Use a moisture meter to test the soil. Each variety of plumeria requires different watering schedules. Poke the probe down in the container at least 6 inches. If the meter stays in the red, you should water the plant. If the meter shows that the moisture is in the green or yellow, you don’t need to add water yet. Soak the soil with water so that it runs out the bottom hole in the container. Night time watering allows the tree to soak up enough water without the sun baking on it.

Keep the plumeria tree in the correct temperatures. When the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the plant will suffer. The ideal temperature indoors during winter is what you are comfortable with as long as it is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. During the spring after all chances of frost are gone, the container can be placed outdoors for the spring, summer and fall.

Place manure 1/4 inch thick around the place of the plant for the first time in spring. Three weeks later, use a 10-10-10 (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium) time-released fertilizer. After that, you can use a foliar fertilizer once a week until fall in place of the 10-10-10 fertilizer. The foliar is an organic substance that gives nutrients to plants through their leaves that are loss during heavy rains or watering. It is best to fertilize the tree at night when the sun is not beating down on it.


Things You Will Need

  • Watering can
  • Fertilizer
  • Foliar
  • Moisture meter
  • Manure

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