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The Best Weed & Grass Killers

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Weeds and unwanted grass in the yard can be pesky for home owners. Remove weeds and grass before planting any wanted vegetation by using a weed and grass killer in preparation. Some weed and grass killers can be used selectively on weeds, but grass generally encompasses a larger area. Determine whether a product that product that prevents weeds before they grow, or kills them on contact is best for your situation, then choose among the most effective products.

Miracle-Gro Garden Weed Preventer

Miracle-Gro Garden Weed Preventer is a pre-emergent herbicide recommended by Iowa State University for controlling unwanted grass and weeds before they sprout. This product, with the active ingredient trifluralin, can be used anytime, before planting or during a current growing season, but will only prevent weed seeds from sprouting. Sprinkle 1 oz. of Miracle-Gro Garden Weed Preventer to approximately 10 sq. ft., rake into top inch of soil and water lightly. Reapply this product every three months to prevent further weed or lawn growth.

Nature's Avenger Organic Weed Killer

Nature's Avenger Organic Weed Killer is a natural weed and lawn killer that is registered with the EPA. This natural herbicide has the active ingredient d-limonene, a citrus extract. This product is non-selective and should be applied to areas of weed and lawn growth before planting any other desired vegetation. Nature’s Avenger Organic weed killer had higher percentages for control of common weeds than Roundup, in a 2005 North Carolina State University turfgrass study--ranging from 85 to 99 percent depending on the weed variety. The product eliminates weeds and grass within 24 hours of application.


Vinegar is a common household product that will destroy grass, lawn and weeds. Spray apple cider or white vinegar directly on foliage to destroy the plant. Selectively spot-treat lawn and weeds with vinegar to leave desirable plant life unharmed. Vinegar can be used in areas such as the sidewalk or driveway, where you do not want grass or weeds to grow. According to Purdue University Extention, high concentrations of acetic acid vinegar have between an 85 and 100 percent kill rate. Horticultural vinegar with at least 10 percent acetic acid is most effective. Common household vinegar may take multiple applications to completely kill weeds.

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