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How to Water a Meyers Lemon Tree

By Elizabeth Balarini ; Updated September 21, 2017
Meyer lemons grow on a tree.
lemons and lemon tree image by jc from Fotolia.com

Meyer lemon trees do not produce true lemons. Meyer lemons are a hybrid of a true lemon and a mandarin orange. The result is a lemon that is sweeter and less acidic than true (Lisbon or Eureka) lemons. Grown primarily in south Texas, Meyer lemons are also known as "Valley lemons" along the Texas Gulf Coast and Rio Grande Valley. Meyer lemon trees are finicky about their watering needs and protest over- or underwatering by wilting or failing to produce lemons.

Meyer Lemon Trees Grown in Containers

Water the Meyer lemon tree when the top few inches of soil are dry to the touch. At this point, the soil surrounding the root system is on the dry side of moist, and the tree needs water. Avoid watering when the topsoil is moist, because the root system is still wet as this point. According to EdibleContainerGardening.com, the leaves of a Meyer lemon tree that receives too much water over an extended period turn yellow and wilt.

Water two to three times per week during the fall and spring months, if necessary. It is necessary to water a Meyer lemon tree during the fall and spring only if there have been no rainstorms for at least two weeks.

Water the Meyer lemon tree more frequently during the summer. In Northern states, three to four times a week is sufficient. In the South, where summer temperatures hover in the high 90s or 100s, water your Meyer lemon tree daily to give it adequate moisture.

Water the Meyer lemon tree deeply each time you water it. This is particularly important when the tree reaches 3 years of age. At this age, the tree's root system is larger and deeper and needs deep, soaking waterings. MeyerLemonTree.com says that Meyer lemon trees prefer deep, infrequent waterings to more frequent light, surface waterings.

Meyer Lemon Trees Grown Directly in the Ground

Water young trees—with trunks 1 inch in diameter or smaller—two to three times per week during the summer months. If you live in the Deep South, increase this to three to four times per week during the hotter months of July and August.

Decrease the watering as the months get cooler. Meyer lemon trees prefer soil that is moist to dry, and as the weather cools off less water evaporates, requiring less water.

Water one or two times per week during the fall and spring months. Water the Meyer lemon tree deeply to completely soak the root system each time you water.

Water the Meyer lemon tree during the winter only if there has been no local rainfall for at least two weeks. Otherwise, rainwater sufficiently waters an inground Meyer lemon tree during the winter.


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