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How to Soak Grapevine Garland

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017
Soak grapevine garland prior to using it for easier handling.

There is an abundance of craft projects you can design and complete with grapevine garland. From wreaths to swags to centerpieces, grapevine garlands lend themselves ideally to many different rustic decorating ideas. A common problem when working with grapevine garland is stiff vines that will not conform easily to shaping. Unless you have just recently harvested your grapevines, soak grapevine garland prior to using it in a project to make the grapevines easier to shape and manipulate.

Fill the plastic bin approximately halfway with cool water.

Place the grapevine garland into the water and push it beneath the surface of the water.

Weight the garland beneath the water with a large brick, if necessary, to keep it beneath the water. Add more water to fill the bin to the top.

Leave the garland soaking for approximately eight to 12 hours.

Lift the grapevine garland from the water and drape it over a clothesline until the excess water drips off the grapevine. Do not allow it to dry out completely because it will lose its pliability if it dries completely.

Use the grapevine garland for your project when the grapevines are slightly damp.


Things You Will Need

  • Large plastic bin (18-gallon)
  • Brick
  • Clothesline

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