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How to Grow Yellow Squash in Containers

By Julie Richards ; Updated September 21, 2017
Containers come in all sizes for various planting tasks.
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Container gardening offers gardeners with little space or limited mobility the opportunity to enjoy fresh vegetables with easy access. Various plants grow well in containers, including yellow squash. Through the use of containers, you can keep the vines contained while still growing an abundant harvest.

Drill holes, if none exist, in the bottom of a five-gallon container. Yellow squash must have proper drainage or the roots will rot.

Place the container on a planter dolly for easier handling. A low platform with casters works just as well.

Fill the container 4/5 to the rim with a quality potting soil mixture. According to Colorado State University, this leaves ample room at the top of the container for watering.

Plant two or three bush variety yellow squash plants or one vine variety of yellow squash. Plant 1 to 2 inches deeper than in the original container. If using seeds, plant six seeds per container and thin to the desired number of plants when they sprout. Place the container in direct sunlight.

Water the yellow squash plants every two to three days or everyday during hot, dry days. Porous containers will require more watering than a glazed container. According to Texas A&M University, container plants need to be fertilized throughout the growing season with a water-soluble solution at least once a day. Once per week, saturate the soil with tap water to remove any unused nutrients to avoid fertilizer buildup that could burn the plants.

Harvest the yellow squash as soon as it is ripe to allow the plants to keep producing.


Things You Will Need

  • 5-gallon container
  • Quality potting mixture
  • Drill (optional)
  • Viable yellow squash seeds or healthy seedlings
  • Container dolly or wheeled platform
  • Garden stake (optional)


  • Drive a garden stake to the bottom of the container to help support the vine varieties of yellow squash. Add the stake during the planting process to avoid injuring the root system of the squash.


  • During extremely inclement weather, such as high winds, move the container to a safe area until the weather has passed.

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