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Different Colors of Angel Trumpet Flowers

By Katie Jensen ; Updated September 21, 2017
Yellow angel trumpet bud
angel trumphet image by Vita Vanaga from Fotolia.com

Angel trumpet flowers bloom from dusk until sunrise. The flowers are up to 12 inches long and very fragrant. The blooms are pendulous which means they hang down from the branches rather being erect. The plant is propagated from cuttings or from seeds. The seeds have a high germination rate but are slow to sprout. A word of caution: angel trumpets are both beautiful and fragrant but very toxic. Don't plant them around children or pets.


The color of angel trumpet flowers is closer to a pure white than most other flowers. Some smaller flowering plants have a white closer to cream.

Yellow and Gold

Colors of some angel trumpet flowers range from a creamy light yellow to bright yellow. Some varieties include shades of peach and apricot as well as gold. One variety starts as a pale yellow and ends with bright orange on the tips of the petals.

Pink and Red

Angel trumpets cover the color range of pink, from lightest pink to a bright pink-almost red shade. Some flowers have a light pink throat deepening to darker pink toward the ends of the flowers.


Purple angel trumpet flowers include shades of a medium purple to light lavender. One variety is white on the inside of the flower and a light purple on the outside.


Angel trumpets only bloom in one color per plant. It is possible to combine three plants in one pot and braid the trunks so the plant looks like it's blooming in three different colors.


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